Thousands Of Migrants March Through Mexico In Protest

A gang of over 3,000 migrants was seen walking through southern Mexico on Sunday as part of what Fox News described as a protest calling for the discontinuation of detention centers after a fire at one building last month resulted in the deaths of 40 people in Ciudad Juárez.

The group initially embarked on the journey near the southern border of Mexico, in Tapachula. Thousands of migrants were walking through the state of Chiapas on foot while in 95-degree weather, according to the BBC

“The only thing we are asking for is justice, and to be treated like anyone else,” commented Salvadoran migrant Miriam Argueta. 

BBC reported that the migrants are predominantly from Central America, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia, and were seen displaying signs with phrases such as, “government crime” and “the state killed them,” ostensibly in reference to the deadly fire. 

Fox News reported that the blaze, which occurred in Ciudad Juarez, ignited after a migrant allegedly lit up foam mattresses over an apparent transfer, filling the whole facility with smoke. 

“It could well have been any of us,” Salvadoran migrant Miriam Argueta told the Associated Press. “In fact, a lot of our countrymen died. The only thing we are asking for is justice, and to be treated like anyone else.”

Al Jazeera English put up a post that allegedly shows captured surveillance footage from the harrowing incident.

One of the march’s organizers, Irineo Mujica, reportedly stated that they aim to compel the Mexican government to destroy its immigration agency entirely.

“In this Viacrucis, we are asking the government that justice be done to the killers, for them to stop hiding high-ranking officials,” Mujica said in Tapachula prior to the March’s commencement, according to Politico. “We are also asking that these jails be ended, and that the National Immigration Institute be dissolved.”

Reports indicate that Mexican prosecutors plan on filing charges against the immigration agency’s top national official, Francisco Garduño, with a court date that was set for April 21. According to those prosecutors, audits conducted by the state had uncovered “a pattern of irresponsibility and repeated omissions” at the immigration institute.

Some arrests have already been made, with the six officials belonging to the National Immigration Institute, a center guard, and the Venezuelan migrant accused of igniting the fire all already detained. 

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