Taylor Swift Threatens College Student Over Private Jet Tracking

Pro-abortion singer Taylor Swift is taking heat for a cease-and-desist letter her attorneys recently sent to a college student. The target used public flight data to track her private jet travels and those of other celebrities to calculate their carbon footprints.

The student, 21-year-old Jack Sweeney, was informed in December that he faced severe legal consequences if he did not end the “stalking and harassing behavior.”

The communication warned that the singer would “have no choice but to [pursue] all legal remedies” if the reporting of her travel habits persisted.

Sweeney is a junior at the University of Central Florida who studies information technology. Swift’s attorneys accused him of giving “individuals intent on harming her, or with nefarious or violent intentions, a roadmap to carry out their plans.”

The college student did not go quietly.

In an email to the Associated Press, Sweeney declared he had no intention of causing harm to anyone. However, he strongly defended the necessity to have transparency and public records.

Sweeney wrote, “One should reasonably expect that their jet travel will be tracked, whether or not I’m the one doing it, as it is public information after all.” 

The legal letter to Sweeney accused the undergrad of “disregarding the personal safety of others,” of “willful and repeated harassment of our client,” and of “intentional, offensive and outrageous conduct and consistent violations of our client’s privacy.” 

Swift, who drew controversy onto herself by rallying to left-wing causes, was the immediate target of online derision. 

George Baines wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Couldn’t care less about Taylor Swift but if your jet emission[s] are about 1,185 times more than the average person’s total annual emissions, then you should probably not try to silence the facts.”

According to user Gregory Andrews, private jet travel is the crux of “climate injustice.”

He accused the “super-rich,” of which Swift is certainly a member, of “burning our planet for their own indulgences and perceived glamor.” Andrews said that the singer is clearly ashamed of her behavior or she would not be upset with the records being publicized.

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