Study: No Racial Bias In Police Shootings

In 2016, Harvard Economics professor Roland Fryer published a study on racial bias in police shootings that did not fit the left-wing narrative. Fryer — who is Black — discovered that police were more likely to shoot at Whites than either Hispanics or Blacks. 

These results were contrary to Fryer’s preconceived notions, so he hired eight people to redo the study. The results were the same: there was no racial bias on the part of police officers in the shooting of Black suspects. Specifically, Fryer’s results showed that police were 23.8% less likely to shoot at Blacks and 8.5% less likely to shoot at Hispanics than they were to shoot at White suspects. 

Fryer not only showed due diligence,  but also academic integrity. He followed the evidence of his study, even when it led to conclusions that contradicted his assumptions and ran counter to politically correct narratives. 

The study cannot be accused of using a small sample size. He leveraged police shooting data from ten law enforcement agencies in places such as Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Florida, covering periods as long as 15 years. 

His colleagues asked him not to publish the study. Some did not believe the results even after Fryer’s two iterations. He was told the results would end his career. 

The youngest tenured professor in Harvard’s history found out that facts have the same impact on progressives as a crucifix does on a vampire. They act out violently and behave like cornered animals. 

In a recent interview with Bari Weiss of the Free Press, he described what ensued as “all hell broke loose.” 

Fryer had so many threats he required police protection for over a month. He described simple tasks such as buying diapers for his newborn son as requiring a police escort. 

An interesting twist on Fryer’s story is that ousted Harvard president Claudine Gay had attempted to destroy Fryer’s career and revoke his tenure due to his views. 


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