Speaker Johnson: Cities Should Abolish ‘Sanctuary’ Status

New House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) took a stand this week against U.S. cities that believe they are above the laws of the land pertaining to immigration. He declared Republicans will leverage pending funding battles to end so-called “sanctuary” status for Democratic strongholds.

Interviewed by the New York Post, the GOP leader said halting these destructive policies is “certain” to be among the party’s priorities.

These Democratic cities refuse to cooperate with federal authorities in enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws. Apparently they considered themselves immune to the negative effects of Biden’s uncontrolled immigration by being distant from the southern border.

That changed in a hurry when governors dealing first-hand with the illegal migrant crisis began shipping the invaders to these “sanctuary” cities. Forced to back up their leftist rhetoric, Democrats feebly resorted to begging Washington for handouts to save themselves from themselves.

Johnson said these cities are demanding $5 billion from taxpayers to correct the damage they’ve wrought onto their citizens. 

This push was led by New York City Mayor Eric Adams and joined by four other Democratic leaders. Adams took the lead in pleading for a bailout to fund sheltering and other programs to benefit illegal migrants.

Johnson rightly noted the irony of these cities rolling out the red carpet and then asking for billions. “The idea that you would maintain a sanctuary city status and then cry out to the federal government for assistance in what you’ve done is, to me, unconscionable.”

The new Speaker’s plate is certainly full with nearly round-the-clock meetings to discuss the partial government shutdown looming on Nov. 17.

Besides calling out Democratic mayors for their role in the illegal migrant crisis, Johnson took time to blast Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorakas. The Speaker told the Post that Mayorkas ranks as one of the worst Cabinet secretaries in the nation’s history.

In the process, he somewhat excused Biden for his failings in saying that the president cannot “help his age.” But still, the White House could change the border situation overnight and simply refuses to do so.

Johnson said the open border “is terribly destructive” to the U.S. on many fronts. “Fentanyl has just led to an absolute catastrophe, the leading cause of death is overdoses for Americans aged 18-49, human trafficking, enriching the cartels, it goes on and on.”

And Democrats and Mayorkas in particular bear the blame.


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