Shock Poll: Half Of New Yorkers To Flee City

America is a mobile society, and many people vote with their feet. For millions of New York City residents, a shocking new survey revealed that millions intend on casting their ballots elsewhere within the next five years.

The recent poll conducted by the NYC Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) found that fully half of the city’s population wants to flee the crime-ridden metropolis within the next five years. They have had enough of Democratic mismanagement and crisis on top of crisis plaguing the population.

Does this mean that millions will move elsewhere? Likely not.

But it does indicate the deep reservoir of unhappiness with the standard of living faced by people in the nation’s most populated city. They are tired of dealing with the migrant surge and violence in subways, and their dreams are centered away from the Big Apple. 

Only 30% of New York City residents rate the quality of life in the metropolis as excellent or good. That figure was 50% in 2017, long before Democratic Mayor Eric Adams’ tenure.

A full 33% believe the city’s quality of life is “poor.”

New Yorkers have a more positive outlook on their own neighborhoods compared to the city as a whole. Fully half said their immediate surrounding area was excellent or good.

However, only 30% believed that public safety in their neighborhoods deserved the same high rating. That fell from 50% who felt safe where they lived in 2017.

There was a slight uptick from 2017 in city dwellers feeling safe riding the subway at night. This despite the well-publicized rash of violent crimes plaguing the transit system in recent months.

Satisfaction with city services plummeted in the last seven years. Only 24% of Adams’ constituents believed New York provided good or excellent services.

This compares unfavorably to the 44% who were pleased with the quality they received for their tax dollars seven years ago. On a positive note, more than 50% of New Yorkers rated fire protection, bus services, garbage pickup and 311 as excellent or good.

CBC President Andrew Rein admitted that responses showed that residents “clearly rate the quality of life and quality of city services as not good.” 


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