NYPD Officer Demoted After Failing To Assist Distressed Boss

An NYPD police officer has been demoted to desk duty after he was caught on video standing on the platform watching his boss get brutally attacked on a subway car in the Bronx.

Police Officer Manual Morales and Lt. Gypsy Pichardo responded to a call involving a knife fight at the Kingsbridge subway station at around 9 p.m. November 11. 

The video showed the 16-year veteran being attacked by two men, while Morales watched from the platform.

“He did sustain some serious injuries to his face, including just about eight stitches to his face. He’ll be fine,” said Chief Michael Kemper, NYPD’s head of transit. “And the two individuals that were arrested for that — hopefully, there’s strong consequences on them.”

Morales, who made $144,986 in 2022, was suspended two days after the incident and his gun taken away.

According to an NYPD spokesperson, “The officer is currently modified pending an ongoing internal affairs investigation.”

Other officers were quick to criticize Morales.

“That’s an act of cowardice,” said a veteran police officer who viewed the video. “He shouldn’t be on the job if he’s not going to help other officers.”

Another officer reported being “embarassed” after seeing Morales standing around while Pichardo had to fend off two suspects alone. 

“He oughta retire now,” the officer said. “Apparently, he didn’t even call for help. He claims he did but there were no radio transmissions. He didn’t have his body camera on.”

This is not the first time Morales has been disciplined. Since joining the NYPD in 2004, he has had four complaints and 11 allegations against him. 

Marquise Webb and Brian Innocent, both 24, were arrested and charged with assault on a police officer, criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration. Both were held on $40,000 cash bail or $120,000 bond and jailed on Rikers Island. 

According to law enforcement sources, Innocent was also charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon after police recovered a knife, a box cutter and a straight razor at the scene.

Pichardo is recovering from his injuries at home.

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