Musk Blisters Leftists Howling Over Claudine Gay Resignation

The left-wing media establishment raced to circle the wagons after the resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay over accusations of plagiarism and failure to appropriately respond to rampant antisemitism on campus.

And Elon Musk and the “Community Notes” on X, formerly Twitter, had a field day.

The Associated Press set the standard for defending the indefensible when it cited plagiarism as a new “conservative weapon.” As if the AP does not, or at least should, have rigorous standards against the very same conduct.

Community Notes added much needed context to the AP’s ridiculous argument. For example, “plagiarism is a breach of rules for Harvard University.” Another noted “Claudine Gay was ultimately forced to resign for a series of breaches of this policy.”

X owner Elon Musk triumphantly chimed in, “And, once again, @CommunityNotes for the win. Gay repeatedly violated Harvard’s rules against plagiarism. Source: Harvard.”

That same Harvard, according to the New York Post, will still pay the disgraced Gay almost $900,000 even after her resignation. She will continue with the school as a political science professor after the blistering controversy. 

The BBC felt the need to chime in with yet another horrendous take. The outlet claimed that Gay was merely a “casualty of the campus culture wars.” 

Standing up for Israel in the face of a barbaric terrorist attack is hardly a feature in a “culture war.” And the fact that outlets dared to question the seriousness of plagiarism at Harvard showed just how low they would stoop to defend their leftist colleagues.

For the record, the BBC deleted its ridiculous post after it was community noted.

They explained the action by citing issues with the old headline. The new one barely altered the narrative, saying the resignation “plays into culture wars.”

And it wouldn’t be 2024 America without someone injecting race into the equation. Critical Race Theory champion Ibram X. Kendi claimed that those attacking Gay had to find “a seemingly legitimate reason” to obscure the fact they targeted her because she is Black.

Once again, Community Notes came to the rescue. Readers noted resignations for similar reasons to Gay’s involving university presidents who resigned last year — and are not Black.

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