Michigan Authorities Warn Of Foreign Gangs Targeting Upscale Residences

Critics of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies have cited, among other things, the rise of crime committed by undocumented immigrants as a direct result of the ongoing border crisis.

While southern border states have traditionally experienced a disproportionate impact from illegal immigration, new evidence shows that no region of the country has been spared.

Authorities in Michigan, for example, recently issued an advisory that organized criminal gangs primarily originating in Latin America are targeting upscale residential neighborhoods.

A new task force — Southeast Michigan Collaborate Arrest Prosecute — has been created to address the escalating threat and Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard confirmed that multiple agencies are working together to fight the crime surge. 

About 40 homes have been hit by such gangs in just the past two months, authorities confirmed, and the tactics being used go far beyond the crude smash-and-grab techniques of common criminals.

According to Bouchard, subjects typically use devices designed to jam WiFi-connected security systems, giving them unobstructed access to homes when residents are away. He urged homeowners across the region to avoid using such systems to protect their homes.

Furthermore, the task force is soliciting tips from residents who notice that their WiFi has gone out unexpectedly so investigators can determine whether a particular area is being targeted.

Members of these gangs are motivated by a desire to enter and exit homes as quickly — and with as many valuables — as possible, and Bouchard noted that they are not likely to engage in confrontations with their victims. Reports indicate they typically dress in black, wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, and enter with backpacks. 

The Michigan warning came as nearly two dozen House Republicans issued their call for a new investigation into the link between illegal immigration and crime.

U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) led the group, which sent a letter to the Government Accountability Office last week.

“The possible correlation between uncontrolled immigration and rising crime in major cities across the U.S. is a major concern for Congress, local law enforcement, and everyday Americans,” the letter states. “Congress needs data outlining incarcerations, arrests, crimes, convictions, costs, and removals of noncitizens to properly evaluate the relationship between illegal immigration and current criminal alien population.”

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