Kennedy Campaign Touts Major Progress And Volunteer Support Amid Spoiler Concerns

As independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. faces accusations of being a potential spoiler in the 2024 race, his campaign is highlighting progress in gaining ballot access and enthusiasm among volunteers. The campaign’s ability to secure a spot on the ballot in key states and fend off legal challenges from both parties will determine Kennedy’s impact on the November election.

Will Boothby the Kennedy campaign’s Northeast regional director said that volunteers gathered 500 signatures ahead of Wednesday’s press conference where Kennedy presented internal polling data. The campaign aims to collect about double the 45,000 signatures required to get Kennedy on the ballot in New York and is reportedly gathering thousands daily.

Boothby noted that much of the support on Kennedy’s petitions comes from younger voters concerned about issues like student loan debt and affordable housing, followed by older veterans across the state.

The campaign declined to share the current number of signatures collected in New York which has one of the highest thresholds for ballot access in November.

So far, Kennedy has officially secured a place on the ballot in California, Michigan, and Utah. His campaign claims to have enough signatures in several other states pending verification.

Kennedy’s ability to navigate the ballot access process and counter legal challenges will shape his role in the decidedly close race between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

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