Irish Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Stripping Motherhood From Constitution

Irish voters rendered a resounding defeat to the left-wing government’s attempt to strip motherhood from the Constitution. Prime Minister Leo Varadkar had no choice but to concede failure after almost 68% of voters rejected the proposal.

Two anti-family constitutional amendments were decided, and the electorate emphatically shot down both. 

One would expand the definition of a “family” while the other sought to strip language concerning a woman’s role in the family from the Constitution. These were alleged attempts to “modernize” the Republic.

Supporters of these moves were so confident that they scheduled the ironically named “Family Amendment” vote for Friday, International Women’s Day.

Only, something happened on the way to officially establishing Ireland as a woke bastion. The people spoke in a unified voice, striking down these leftist proposals.

Varadkar had to admit that the amendments were “defeated comprehensively on a respectable turnout.” He had called for their passage to erase “very old-fashioned language” from the ruling document.

He said it was the Irish government’s duty to convince most in the country to vote ‘yes,’ but “we clearly failed to do so.” The countryside instead unified to protect the definition of the most basic and fundamental structure in society — the family.

There have been steady changes to the nation in the last half century and beyond. In 1961, Ireland boasted a population that was 94.9% Roman Catholic, and divorce and abortion were illegal.

Fast forward to 2022, and that percentage dipped to a still healthy majority of 69%, according to the Central Statistics Office. It was undoubtedly that population that rose in unison and said enough.

Still, the leftward shift in the Republic of Ireland is undeniable. Divorce was legalized in a 1995 referendum, same-gender marriage was endorsed by voters in 2015 and the abortion ban was repealed in 2018.

But for one magical day last week, the nation remembered its roots and rose against further degradation of its values. This should serve as a warning for those who would flood its cities with illegals from far flung locales who have no connection to Irish society. 

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