Illegal Aliens Take To Marching In Protest

On Sunday, a mob of more than 3,000 illegal immigrants began a planned march from southern Mexico toward the United States border. The march is said to be a protest against the use of detention centers for immigrants, one of which experienced a fire last month resulting in the deaths of around 40 individuals who were in the country without authorization. 

The swarm of illegal aliens began their journey in Tapachula, near the border with Guatemala, and plan to travel to Mexico City where they will demand that the government eliminate such facilities.

Mexico: fatal fire spreads through Ciudad Juárez immigration detention centre

One Salvadoran stated “It could have been any of us. In fact, many of our fellow countrymen lost their lives. All we’re asking for is justice and to be treated like anyone else.” However, many think the protest is an attempt by undocumented aliens to cross into the United States freely and undetected. 

The group includes individuals from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and other South American countries. The Mexican government has employed the use of strict paperwork requirements and highway checkpoints to discourage unlawful immigration in Tapachula, and to prevent individuals from continuing their journey through Mexico and into the U.S.

Irineo Mujica, one of the organizers of the protest, has stated that their ultimate goal is to force the Mexican government to eliminate its immigration agency altogether so they can have free passage. Marches towards the American border have become increasingly common since Joe Biden became President of the United States, reaching record highs throughout 2023. 

During his 2020 campaign, Biden promised to open the border, provide amnesty, free healthcare, housing, and education to all illegal aliens, but failed to do so once he was in office. A group of undocumented migrants carried banners and crosses during a demonstration, with messages such as “Government Crime” and “The Government Killed Them.” 

Despite their claims, the fire at the detention facility in Ciudad Juarez on March 27th was started by an illegal alien who set fire to his foam mattress in anger following news of his deportation. The fire quickly spread, destroying the facility and resulting in the deaths of at least 40 individuals. The Venezuelan illegal who started the fire is currently in custody and faces murder charges. 

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