Harvard Discovers New Plagiarism Case Against Embattled President

Even as Harvard University circled the wagons around its besieged president, the school uncovered a new case of what it termed “inadequate citation” against Claudine Gay.

The chorus of criticism over possible academic improprieties grew louder when the institution unearthed the latest incident. It is distinct from the dozens already pouring in against Harvard’s leader, who is also under pressure for being soft on antisemitism.

This newest example was found in Gay’s dissertation. The academic quoted a 1981 article penned by Richard Shingles, “Black Consciousness and Political Participation: The Missing Link” without the necessary citation.

The lack of proper attribution to Shingles was not included in Tuesday’s trove of evidence from an anonymous source or from the New York Post’s revelations in October.

Gay requested a correction for that “oversight.”

But the list continues to grow. There are currently over 40 allegations that academic work was plagiarized by the leader of arguably the nation’s most prestigious institution of higher learning. 

A Harvard graduate spoke to Fox News Digital about the obvious double standard exhibited by the university.

Journalist Jonathan Harounoff explained, “Had I or any of my classmates at Cambridge, Harvard or Columbia been found to have plagiarized, we would have been swiftly rebuked if not worse.”

Harounoff added, “Harvard decided to stand by President Gay amid her tepid, if not outrageous, congressional testimony about surging antisemitism on U.S. college campuses. So, Harvard will then also stand by her as her academic work is questioned over possible plagiarism.” 

Stacey Springs, Harvard’s research integrity officer, received a complaint last Tuesday citing over 40 instances of alleged plagiarism.

The examples included omitted quotation marks around phrases or sentences. The Washington Free Beacon reported that entire paragraphs of Gay’s work were taken from source material without proper citation.

But Harvard doubled down earlier this month in its defense of the embattled leader. The school announced that despite findings of “instances of inadequate citation,” it would stand by Gay.

This begs an obvious question. Just how will the school deal with similar infractions committed by its student body? Will it now allow retroactive “corrections” to be made in cases of academic impropriety?

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