Glenn Beck: Ukraine ‘Spy Center’ Bombshell Precursor To World War

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck believes there is an evil motivation behind the New York Times’ revelation that the CIA operated 12 spy centers targeting Russia on Ukrainian soil. “Maybe,” he said, “they’re desirous of World War III.”

Beck said the explosive piece may be an attempt “to spark a flame that will result in all of us being lit on fire.”

The Times revealed on Sunday that for the last decade the U.S. intelligence community funded and operated a dozen espionage facilities near the Russian border. This provocative piece sparked agitation on both sides of the Ukraine war and drove Beck to speculate on their reasoning.



The paper noted that these centers are “almost fully financed and mostly equipped by the CIA.” This in turn made Ukraine the most valuable intelligence partner for Washington to spy on the Kremlin in their own backyard.

Gen. Serhii Dvoretskiy, a leading intelligence commander, was interviewed at one of the spy bases. He declared that the CIA funded his operation.

Beck wondered, “Why would the New York Times print this?”

Such sensitive information on facilities so close to Russian territory and other military installations must be the object of profound secrecy. 

Some experts noted that publicizing such details is highly detrimental to those who seek a Ukrainian victory. Could the agenda instead be to draw the U.S. and Russia into a hot war that would divide the globe and cause untold millions of deaths?

The Times reported that U.S. involvement completely overhauled the Ukrainian intelligence community.

Before Washington’s extensive funding and training, Kyiv’s spy services were long believed to be thoroughly compromised by the Kremlin. From these humble roots, Ukraine’s intelligence operations are now engaged within Russia, across Europe and in Cuba.

An example of just how embedded the CIA is in the country came in the tense weeks leading up to the Russian invasion in 2022. U.S. personnel were evacuated in advance of the conflict, but CIA officers stayed put at a remote location in the western part of the country.

These same officers are credited with providing crucial intelligence on where Russian forces intended to strike and the types of armaments they deployed.

And now the secret’s out in the open. As Beck wisely asked, to what end?

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  • jj
    March 1, 2024
    jan jan

    MAYBE? There is no “maybe” about it and they want it starting before November 5th so that the election can be cancelled.

  • W"
    March 1, 2024
    W. "Dutch" Leydsman

    I have had a bad feeling for quite a while about the nature of that War and our involvement. Is it a distraction? Possibly to negate the upcoming election? I fear for Former President Trump’s life in light of his popularityby what appears to be a majority of American’s. I had the thought how JFK may have been murdered from with in, if you know what I mean. There is a group in power in the USA and We the People are their pawns? This is not a good feeling and an insult to all that served this nation since 1776 and all those that gave of their lives for the principles it has, or should have. under our very Founding Principles of this Nation. The corruption that has been demonstrated in Washington and around this land, in my opinion show that President Biden is not in control but a puppet. I believe this goes so much deeper than we even think. I am a veteran and speak to others that have served and many feel that we have been lied to in many ways. Yet, We the People see our children and grandchildren being filled with incorrect principles, even EVIL principles. At this point, many of us don’t know who to believe. Many of us do believe in our Creator and HIS place in the Founding of this Land for His purposes. Enough said on that. Again, I fear for 45 and our Nation. The people of this Nation are waking up and we do need honest and good leaders to hear the words of the hard working, tax paying, true American citizens. This is a Republic with laws for the good of the majority, not a minority, and especially a party that seeks power over the people. I believe we will have tougher times ahead orchestrated by the deep, evil SWAMP. Our Liberties and Freedoms must be retained under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, That is why our Founding Fathers forged these documents under inspiration and the experiences they witnessed. It is as if we need to go back to those valued principles now, so this Land can remain the light on the mountain to the rest this planet. In that regard I still have HOPE! We the People are seeing what is happening and the curtain is being lifted, exposing the Evils within! Yes, We need to change and clean up the Evils from among this very Land. Now, let us get back to work with a very watchful eye and stay away from the deceits that are be thrown at us by the media. We want honesty truth and justice for ALL to return!

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