Girls Hospitalized After Using Ouija Board

In a potential case of either a supernatural or natural cause, more than two dozen girls were hospitalized following the use of a Ouija board.

Schoolgirls from Colombia allegedly used the product, which has a number of letters on a board and a pointer moved by the users’ hands. The Ouija board is described as communicating with supernatural spirits channeled through the instrument.

The girls from a rural school allegedly used the board to communicate with the beyond. The students at the Galeras Educational Institution reported that more than two dozen girls were hospitalized after signs of anxiety and fainting. 

The exact circumstances of the hospitalization have not been released yet, but there was considerable concern after the use of the perceived occult object.

The use of Ouija boards and related instruments has become a major part of American popular culture. According to a number of urban myths, the boards have been used for a number of purposes.

Some spooky tales compiled included letters spelling out information that the people present did not previously know. In one case, the board responded to questions about death with questions back to the people operating the Ouija board.

In general, the use of the board is discouraged among parents out of fear of potential supernatural effects.

The topic of such psychic boards has been researched extensively, including attempts to understand what causes the pointer to move to different letters.

Particularly, many parents are concerned that the board game has been specifically marketed to children, who may be the most sensitive to the negative effects of using it.

Several years ago, there was considerable concern among parents that girls were being targeted to purchase the instrument. 

The modern version of the Ouija board was released by gaming giant Hasbro in 1967, but the concept of such a board is much older. The device has been described as a “spirit board” in other cases and has been around for nearly a millennium. The first board using the specific term Ouija was sold in 1901.

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