DeSantis’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Battered By Court

A settlement over Florida’s misnamed “Don’t Say Gay” law was reached in court on Monday. And while Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and supporters of protecting children celebrated a victory, the agreement will permit discussions of gender identity and orientation topics outside of instruction.

This leaves the door wide open for leftist radicals to continue to indoctrinate impressionable children, despite the intentions of the vast majority of lawmakers and parents.

The wording of the law still stands, but the Florida Department of Education must now clarify the 2020 law that outraged Disney and most liberals.

Indeed, a victory was claimed by both the DeSantis administration and LGBT radicals. Plaintiffs charged in the two-year legal fight that the popular statute “is an unlawful attempt to stigmatize, silence and erase LGBT people in Florida schools.”

But supporters countered the left by noting that the law covers only kindergarten through third grade. They rightly ask at what point is gender identity and confusion an appropriate discussion for government employees to have with small children.

The agreement reached in court notably does not prohibit references to LGBT people, couples or references in literature studies or classroom discussions.

This led many critics to ask who really won in court this week?

The settlement mandated that Florida officials clarify the reach of the law across state educational institutions. In its original form, and it was since expanded, the law prevented classroom discussion of inappropriate topics to the smallest children.

For older students, the discussion and material must be “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate.”

On Monday, the DeSantis administration called the agreement a “major win” against the “activists and extremists” who would indoctrinate small children. With the settlement, both parties agreed to dismiss the legal action.

DeSantis administration general counsel Ryan Newman released a statement praising the agreement. “We fought hard to ensure this law couldn’t be maligned in court, as it was in the public arena by the media and large corporate actors.

Newman added, “We are victorious, and Florida’s classrooms will remain a safe place under the Parental Rights in Education Act.” 


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