Buses Dropping Illegal Migrants At Train Stations To Avoid NY Pushback

Buses from Texas loaded with illegal migrants are reportedly dropping off their passengers at New Jersey train stations before those who disembark continue their journeys to the “sanctuary” New York City.

This new tactic is the result of Democratic NYC Mayor Eric Adams enacting harsh measures to try to stem the flow of asylum seekers. His administration set up harsh restrictions to punish companies and even impound buses that do not follow the strict guidelines.

The New Jersey train stations are being used as a “transit point,” according to Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s office. Authorities in several state locations, including Secaucus, Trenton and Jersey City, reported having migrants dropped off at transportation facilities.

Gov. Murphy in September issued a public proclamation that the state could not receive more illegal migrants.

This statement was the height of hypocrisy, considering that in 2017 he campaigned on making New Jersey a “sanctuary state.” He claimed that welcoming any and all illegal migrants was a sign of “inclusiveness” and that it benefited the “nation’s moral compass.”

Secaucus officials were told Saturday that four buses carrying migrants from Texas would arrive at the Secaucus Junction train station.

Mayor Michael Gonnelli noted, “from what we understand, after being dropped at the train station the migrants then took trains to New York City.” He said the bus drivers “figured out a loophole in the system” to skirt Mayor Adams’ new restrictions. 

The Democratic mayor on Wednesday followed Chicago’s lead by issuing an executive order for charter bus companies. 

Those with fares paid “by a third party” are now required to notify the city’s Emergency Management Office 32 hours before arrival. Further, they are only given a three-and-a-half hour window each weekday to unload passengers.

Adams declared those who do not follow his edict face criminal charges, lawsuits, fines and impoundment.

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