Biden Border Crossers Set To Equal Combined Trump, Obama Presidencies

President Joe Biden’s insidious open border policies are a dangerous gift that keeps on giving. Now, the current record pace threatens to nearly eclipse the last three terms under former Presidents Trump and Obama combined.

If the current trend holds — and there’s nothing to indicate it will not — a staggering 12,099,904 border encounters will take place during Biden’s first four years.

Customs and Border Protection officials confirmed that December’s tally reached an all-time high of 302,000. This far surpassed previous levels reached under the first 45 presidents, indicating Biden’s utter failure to protect national security.

The December total added to an already disturbing mark. Since the start of the new fiscal year on Oct. 1, there have been over 785,000 illegal migrant encounters. That’s the highest first quarter total in U.S. history.

Without question, the Democrat’s objective is to lure future voters across the border to assure his party obtains an unassailable majority of the electorate.

And he is doing exactly that, tallying approximately 8,400 apprehensions daily by border agents.

To be clear, these are not “apprehensions” in the traditional understanding of the word. These illegal migrants are not sent back across the border for violating U.S. law.

Instead, they are allowed to make spurious asylum claims before being transported to the interior of the country and released. It is a ploy to enact fundamental change on American society, and it is working.

U.S. citizens are increasingly aware of the destruction being wrought on the nation. A recent CBS poll revealed that illegal migration ranked second among voters’ concerns, trailing only inflation.

Official Washington’s denials no longer hide the truth of the deluge swamping the southern border. Most of these migrants, according to government sources, are not even screened for asylum claims.

Instead, they are given court notices and turned loose.

The immigration system cannot handle the influx any more than American society can. There are less than 800 immigration judges and over three million pending cases.

This translates to 4,500 per judge and a three-year backlog. Meanwhile, these unvetted illegals roam free.

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