Xi Urges Ceasefire, Release Of ‘Detainees’

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. In a virtual meeting of BRICS developing nations on Tuesday, he also urged the release of civilian “detainees.”

This use of “detainee” is obviously a euphemism for hostages held by Hamas terrorists.

Xi was joined by Russian President Vladimir Putin and leaders of Brazil, India and South Africa along with representatives of several other countries.

The communist leader asserted that a ceasefire would be a step toward “lasting peace and security.” He added that the civilian “detainees” must be freed to avert “more loss of lives and suffering,” presumably for Palestinians.

Xi pledged China’s backing of a two-state solution to the Middle East problem. He told the developing nations that without a “just settlement” of the Palestinian question, the Middle East will not see “peace and stability.” 

The Chinese president who Joe Biden recently referred to as a “dictator” promised his country will send aid to the people of Gaza. He called for “humanitarian corridors” to assist civilians caught between Israel’s offensive and Hamas

Then he waxed historical, stating “the root cause of the Palestinian-Israel crisis is that the right to existence and the right of return of Palestinian people have long been ignored.”

The day before, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on global leaders to “act urgently” in Gaza and work for a ceasefire. He claimed that China “firmly stands with justice and fairness in this conflict.”

The foreign minister admonished Israel to “stop its collective punishment on the people of Gaza.” He called for international aid to flow into the Strip to ward off a “humanitarian crisis.” 

Wang’s comments were delivered in Beijing to visiting leaders of Arab and Muslim nations. The Palestinian National Authority was present along with diplomatic personnel from Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Of course, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farham Al Saud declared the war must end. He said Israel must agree to halt its offensive “and relief materials and aid must enter immediately.”

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