White House Dismisses Videos Showing Biden’s Cognitive Issues As ‘Cheap Fakes’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently defended President Joe Biden against allegations of cognitive decline, dismissing videos that depict his cognitive issues as “cheap fakes.” Jean-Pierre’s comments came during a press briefing where she addressed mounting concerns about Biden’s mental fitness following a recent debate.

Jean-Pierre doubled down on her earlier claims, stating, “Independent, mainstream fact-checkers in the press and misinformation experts have been calling out cheap fakes.” She accused certain media outlets, particularly conservative-leaning ones, of spreading disinformation about the president. “At the end of the day, they’re fakes—that’s what they were,” she insisted.

When asked if she regretted using the term “cheap fakes” to describe videos showing Biden’s cognitive issues, Jean-Pierre defended her stance. She suggested that a “certain part of the media” is responsible for pushing these narratives. “Targeting the President, they have said—the reporters and these misinformation experts—said that this President was being targeted, and what we did was echo them. That’s what we did,” she argued.

The press secretary has been highly defensive regarding Biden’s mental condition, even hanging up on a reporter in March when questioned about the President’s cognitive abilities and potential dementia symptoms.

During last week’s presidential debate, the 81-year-old Biden appeared to struggle cognitively, contradicting himself and offering nonsensical responses at times. In the aftermath, many Democrats acknowledged that his debate performance was problematic.

Despite these criticisms, Jean-Pierre maintained that Biden is “as sharp as ever” and “strong and resolute in delivering for the American people.” She added, “When I see him in the White House or Air Force One, I have to be on top of my game.”


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