Harris’ Ascension Highlights Need For Serious VP Consideration

As President Joe Biden faces increasing scrutiny over his cognitive health, Vice President Kamala Harris’s potential rise to the presidency is bringing renewed attention to the importance of the vice presidential role. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley recently warned that Biden’s declining health could result in Harris assuming the presidency, a prospect she called alarming.

This situation underscores the critical nature of the vice presidency, a role that has not seen an occupant ascend to the presidency in six decades. Historically, vice presidential selections have been influenced by political strategy rather than governance readiness. Biden’s selection of Harris in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice movements, was seen as a move to align with the current socio-political narrative.

NPR highlighted how Harris’s selection mirrored Biden’s vice-presidential candidacy in 2008, pairing an experienced white politician with a younger, minority running mate. However, Harris’s lack of extensive leadership and policy experience compared to her predecessor Mike Pence became evident during their debate.

This raises important questions about the criteria for choosing vice presidential candidates. While candidates like Dick Cheney and Joe Biden were selected for their foreign policy and political experience, Harris’s selection was more about fitting a social narrative.

With Biden’s age and health in question, the potential for Harris to assume the presidency is higher than usual. This reality brings to light the need for thorough vetting of vice presidential candidates, ensuring they are as prepared as the presidential candidates themselves.

As the election approaches, both parties must consider the significance of the vice presidential role. The Trump campaign is expected to focus on Biden’s health and Harris’s readiness, making the selection of a capable vice presidential candidate more crucial than ever. The current political climate demands that vice presidential candidates are chosen for their preparedness to lead the country, not just for their electoral appeal.


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