White House Counsel Tells Republicans To Drop Impeachment ‘Charade’

Although it might go without saying that the Biden administration does not want to see a House Republican effort to impeach the president continue with the general election quickly approaching, it was newsworthy when the White House’s top attorney addressed the issue directly this week.

According to reports, White House counsel Ed Siskel sent a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Friday in which he urged the GOP leader to put an end to the hearings that could result in President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

Based on an opinion that is clearly biased against the congressional inquiry into lucrative business deals involving Biden and members of his immediate family, Siskel concluded that it is “obviously time to move on” from the matter.

“This impeachment is over,” he claimed. “There is too much important work to be done for the American people to continue wasting time on this charade.”

While Johnson himself has admitted that there is no guarantee the investigation will turn up enough evidence to support impeachment, he revealed just two days before receiving Siskel’s letter that a “slow and deliberate” probe is necessary to ensure that all the relevant facts come to light.

He went on to assert that, after congressional appearances by the president’s son, Hunter, and brother, James, there remain significant concerns about the reliability of both testimonies. 

“What was missing from those interviews, in my opinion, is a lot more truth,” he said. “I think they were fairly evasive. I think clearly — I believe that there was testimony provided that is just demonstrably untrue based upon the bank records and some of the evidence, whistleblower testimony, that’s come forward.”

The investigation suffered a setback last month when an FBI informant was arrested on charges of fabricating allegations against the Bidens. 

Nevertheless, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) insisted that there was still ample evidence to warrant a continued impeachment probe.

“My investigation is about all the money the Bidens have taken from China, from Romania, from Kazakhstan,” he said shortly after the arrest of Alexander Smirnov. “This guy had absolutely nothing to do with it. We got a tip, we investigated. We couldn’t figure out who it was.”

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