Trump Barred From Delivering Closing Arguments At Trial

If more proof was needed that the outcome of former President Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud trial was predetermined, it came this week. Judge Authur Engoron denied permission for the defendant to make his own closing argument.

Trump and his legal team raised the possibility with Engoron, and CNN reported that lawyers asked the judge to permit the 45th president to speak.

Engoron, however, insisted that there would be limits to what Trump could address during closing arguments. Of course, pre-conditions set on his defense were flatly rejected, and Trump was once again silenced.

Radical New York Attorney General Letitia James accused Trump of inflating the value of his real estate to secure loans. This despite the lack of a complaint from any financial institution and the fact that all loans were repaid in full.

James, in an obvious attempt to bring financial ruin on the former president, recently upped her demand for damages to $370 million. That’s after the $250 million previously sought by the AG.

Engoron would only allow Trump to address the courtroom if he were effectively muzzled. The judge declared that the former president “may not deliver a campaign speech, and he may not impugn myself, my staff, plaintiff, plaintiff’s staff, or the New York State Court System.”

Is there any question as to the outcome of this phase of the case?

The judge further asserted that under New York law, Trump does not have an absolute right to be heard during closing arguments. He said that the defendant’s attorneys may speak in his stead.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba asked the obvious question after Engoron’s declaration. “Is anyone surprised anymore?”

James is pursuing a massive judgment against Trump as well as his two adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. She is also targeting 10 of his companies to pay the state hundreds of millions in damages.

Engoron already found Trump liable for fraud in September. This latest step is to determine how much the Democratic persecution will be able to extract from the 2024 Republican frontrunner.

Trump defended himself vigorously and categorized the case as an obvious political witch hunt. He noted the apparent bias presented by James and Engoron in his prosecution, one of several he faces from vengeful Democrats.

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