Steve Bannon’s Voice To Grow Louder Despite Imprisonment, Says Daughter

Maureen Bannon, daughter of Steve Bannon, stated that her father’s imprisonment would not silence him but would, in fact, increase his influence. Speaking on “Just the News, No Noise,” she emphasized that “War Room,” his show, would continue to be a powerful platform despite his absence.

Bannon’s jailing comes after he refused to cooperate with the hostile and politically motivated Jan. 6 Committee.

She explained that the assumption that imprisoning Bannon would end “War Room” is mistaken. Instead, his message would become more prominent.

Steve Bannon, who began serving a four-month prison term for not complying with subpoenas from the House Jan. 6 Select Committee, will not be silenced, according to Maureen. She assured that the show would proceed with a series of guest hosts who would uphold its mission.

She pointed out that although Bannon would not be able to host daily, there were robust plans to keep the show’s momentum going with the help of guest hosts.

Bannon considers his imprisonment a form of resistance against Democratic leaders, and his supporters interpret it as evidence of his dedication to his cause. Throughout his imprisonment, Maureen and the “War Room” team are committed to maintaining his influence and ensuring that his voice continues to resonate strongly in the political landscape.


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