Scott Dismisses MSNBC Guest’s Attacks, Claims Democrats Are ‘Shaking In Their Boots’

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) fired back at far-left commentator Elie Mystal on Friday after Mystal suggested during an MSNBC appearance that black Republicans only exist because “the grift is good.” In a Fox News interview with Trace Gallagher, Scott characterized Mystal’s remarks as a sign of fear within the Democratic Party.

“Hear me clearly, they are shaking in their boots,” Scott declared. “What you hear is fear. It’s palpable. Why? Because without the black vote, there is no Democrat Party.”

Scott defended President Trump, asserting that he is not playing racial politics but rather understands that building a better future for America means ensuring that all Americans have the chance to pursue their version of the American dream. He claimed that the Left is “losing their minds” because they are losing voters to the Republican Party.

As the election approaches, Scott cautioned that Democrats will resort to lying and cheating in September and October as they pull out all the stops. However, he expressed confidence in the coalition supporting the Republican Party, emphasizing their strong record of achievements.

“The coalition will stand the test of time because we have a record to run on,” Scott affirmed. “It’s not promises of the future. It’s the fact that we brought more money to black colleges than any other president. It’s the fact that we cut taxes for a single parent by 70%. It’s good news. We have a record to run on, and it’s time that we did that.”

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