Record-Breaking Iowa Cold Could Not Deter Trump Supporters

Prognostications and the reality of a bitterly cold winter day in Iowa did not keep Republicans from caucusing for their preferred presidential candidates. Most, as it turned out, braved the elements to back former President Donald Trump.

One of the hardy souls, 39-year-old marketing executive Chris Nelson, told the New York Post that the rest of the nation doesn’t understand the state’s residents. He called it “just another day in January for us.”

He declared his support for the former president was due to his belief that Trump will close the southern border.

Temperatures struggled to reach zero Monday evening as Iowans kicked off the election year in typical Midwest style.

Republicans one after another related their reasons for trudging out in the cold to make their voices heard. And when the totals became official, they confirmed what pollsters said all along.

American conservatives trust Trump more than any other to face off against the leftist forces of President Joe Biden. Iowans heard the messages from the frontrunner’s rivals but summarily dismissed them as they supported the clear favorite.

Even in the face of a record-breaking weather event.

The initial Iowa caucus in 1972 set the previous bar for the traditional election season kickoff. The high temperature that day reached 25 degrees, while the low settled at four degrees below zero.

The wind chill hit a frosty 26 degrees below zero. 

Monday blew past those levels, but not enough to discourage die-hard Trump supporters. The Post reported on the experience of disabled Vietnam veteran James Spiker.

The 75-year-old not only made his way to his caucus location, but he entered with his oxygen tank and walker. Spiker recalled that Trump on Sunday urged Iowans to get out of their sick beds if they had to and make their way to support the rebuilding of the nation.

The veteran defiantly proclaimed, “Nothing would stop me from coming here to vote for Trump. He may not be a perfect man, but he knew what he was doing.” 

A vast number of his fellow Iowans obviously agreed. Not even a brutally cold January evening could convince them to pass on the chance to express their unwavering support for the 45th president.

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