Outrage Over VA Assisting Illegal Migrants Over Veterans

There is growing anger over the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) utilizing its resources to process claims for medical care benefiting illegal migrants. This comes as hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens who served in the armed forces have claims backlogged by the VA.

Both House and Senate Republicans are up in arms over benefits reaching illegal border crossers before veterans.

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report from July detailed the contracts established with the VA. The contract was to process claims for medical benefits for illegals who never served for one minute in the nation’s military.

Fox News reported the agreement was reached during the last year of the Trump administration and carried over through three years of Biden’s term.

The ICE data showed the VA handling medical claims for a staggering $63.6 million in services for illegals. Experts believe that the total for fiscal year 2023 will certainly rise due to the massive flood of migrants pouring across the border.

The inexplicable VA backlog drew the ire of at least one Democratic lawmaker. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) in October pushed the agency to explain the more than 300,000 claims log jammed in the system. 

That number is expected to surge to more than 400,000 next year. That is due to healthcare benefits being extended to veterans exposed to harmful substances while performing their active service duties. 

It’s one thing when Biden’s open borders affect so-called “sanctuary” cities and states. They invited the crisis onto themselves and deserve the hardships they face. 

But when veterans are supplanted by people who are not legally in the country, priorities are extremely misplaced.

Not one American, and certainly not a single veteran, should have to wait for medical care while the needs of illegal aliens are being tended to. 

Under the Democrat’s tutelage, at least seven million illegals from every dangerous corner of the globe have marched across the border. That on top of the two million known getaways who are on the loose within the U.S.

As Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) recently noted, hundreds of people on the terror watch list have been apprehended attempting to enter the country. Add to that the tons of drugs flooding in from Mexico that have claimed over 300,000 American lives.

In military terms, it’s a gross example of dereliction of duty.

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