Oligarch Bill Gates, UN Aim To Control ‘Digital Public Infrastructure’

Woke leftist billionaire Bill Gates now marches with the United Nations to lead the globe to an imposed “digital public infrastructure” (DPI). This monstrosity would be forced onto much of the world within five years and subject the internet to authoritarian control by world elites.

This DPI will combine everything from currencies to digital identification and comprehensive data systems. And it will know no borders or boundaries.

Revealed in late 2023, the quickly advancing protocol was dubbed “50 in 5.” This is due to the stated goal of having a staggering 50 countries under the digital umbrella held by Gates and the U.N. within only five years.

Of course, leftist governments lined up to participate in the digital infrastructure scheme. Socialists are more than happy to sign onto anything that gives them more control over public discourse.

And the U.N. has its sights set on every nation on Earth as part of its plan to control the population This is apparent in its proclamation touting the benefits of giving the elite authority over free speech rights.

The organization declared, “All countries, regardless of income level, geography or where they are in their digital transformation journey, can benefit from being a part of 50-in-5.”

The U.N., undoubtedly with full support from Gates, added that “joining the campaign helps ensure countries don’t have to tackle DPI implementation alone or start from scratch.”

It is important to note the ambitions of billionaire oligarchs such as Gates and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The two spearhead much of the left’s woke agenda and are laser-focused on establishing controls over free speech and education.

Both bankroll such liberal causes as getting Democrats out to vote and imposing radical ideologies onto public schools. 

Using education as an example, there is an utter lack of regard for actual results from these so-called philanthropists. Instead, they pour hundreds of millions into indoctrination efforts while ignoring traditional academic achievement.

Is there any reason to believe that Gates and his ilk have the good of humanity in mind when they establish their authority over digital information?

There is none. 

Instead, these wealthy benefactors join the U.N. in pushing for socialism across the globe. Billions earned through capitalist enterprises are being used to destroy the very same system that enabled these leftists to reach their current levels of power.

Gates and the U.N. want nothing less than authority over the digital world, and their dream is rapidly coming true.

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