NY Congressman Defends Biden’s Memory, Shady Dealings On CNN

Even hosts at the progressive and obnoxiously biased CNN are growing wearing of defending President Biden, specifically his overall constitution – no pun intended. CNN Host Phil Mattingly attempted to cut off Rep. Dan Goldman(D-NY) during his relentless diatribe championing the president’s intelligence and leadership qualities.  Rep. Goldman also dismissed Biden’s increasingly apparent signs of senility and failing cognitive ability. 

One wonders if Rep. Goldman needs a chiropractic adjustment following his hand-waving marathon explaining why nothing is truly amiss with the president or his criminal actions. 

“Very, very flimsy” is how Rep. Goldman described the evidence against Biden regarding the hordes of classified documents the president stole. He bizarrely claimed that Special Counsel Robert Hur — a Trump appointee — only brought Biden’s memory issues into the case to “appease Republicans.” 

This indeed seemed to be a head-scratcher to CNN’s Mattingly, who tried to stop his progressive brother-in-arms from carrying his nonsense to further indefensible levels. 

But an undeterred Rep. Mattingly spoke over his liberal host, continuing with a “nothing-to-see-here” argument minimizing Biden’s near-daily memory gaffes. 

Regarding Biden confusing Mexico with Egypt, Rep. Goldman said: “It’s wrong to think that because President Biden made a simple incidental mistake that everyone understood what he was referring to, that that has anything to do with his mental acuity.” 

Rep. Goldman also attempted to equate Biden’s blunder with ordinary slip-of-the-tongue mistakes, such as when House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) swapped Iran with Israel or former President Donald Trump mixed up Hungary with Turkey. 

He also pulled the “but Trump is worse” card, stating in juvenile fashion: “Donald Trump makes more mistakes on this stuff than Joe Biden does.” 

In addressing Biden’s uncharged criminal acts, Rep Goldman deflected with an extensive tangent about Biden’s “unbelievable mastery of this entire region.” — referring to the Middle East. He went on to say that “Joe Biden has been a tremendous asset to our country as our leader.” 

The New York congressman inadequately addressed Biden’s clear lack of memory regarding his son Beau’s death and did not address Hur’s finding that Biden forgot serving as Vice President. 

A chiropractor may not be sufficient — Rep. Goldman may need back surgery from all the water he is carrying for his cognitively challenged Commander in Chief. 

Hubris might be the best family-friendly adjective to describe the continued defense of the senile, criminal, and corrupt occupant of the White House. Biden’s memory blunders and bizarre behavior is not new. It has occurred since the start of his term. The lack of criminal charges connected to his possession of classified material — using the “it’s OK, he didn’t remember” excuse — stands in bold contrast to Trump’s continued prosecution for the same offense. 

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