No Labels Still Searching For Presidential Nominee

Third-party presidential organization No Labels still does not have a presidential candidate for November, and it continues to delay its selection as the election season rolls on.

Earlier in March the group announced its selection process, which is determined to combine a Democrat and a Republican on the ticket for president and vice president. But there have been no takers to have their names thrown into the hat for the contentious race.

The latest to reject the No Labels Party is Republican former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. He passed on the chance in recent days to join the mix that includes incumbent Democrat Joe Biden and former GOP President Donald Trump.

No Labels has also suffered the loss of former Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT), a major force in the party who died recently at the age of 82.

Christie only added to the growing list of major political names who turned down No Labels. Former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was approached by the party when she suspended her Republican campaign against former President Donald Trump in early March.

She said no, however, joining former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and retiring Sen. Joe Manchin (D).

Many political observers believe the 2024 presidential campaign is ripe for a third party or independent to step in and make waves. The most prominent current candidate outside of Biden and Trump is independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Democrats are not subtle in their hope that third-party candidates are swept to the side.

The party is increasingly worried that challengers such as Kennedy and whomever ultimately carries the No Labels mantle will pull desperately needed votes away from the incumbent. 

Democrats also criticize the centrist group for not disclosing its donors or decision-making process.

MoveOn is a left-wing extremist organization closely tied to the effort to reelect the president. Executive Director Rahna Epting accused the party of paving the way for another Trump presidency.

In a statement, Epting asserted, “Any candidates who join the No Labels presidential ticket will be complicit in making it easier for Donald Trump and MAGA extremists to win a second term in the White House.”

This sentiment was echoed by Democratic supporting Third Way. Executive Vice President Matt Bennett declared, “Time and again, voters, candidates and election experts have told No Labels that a third-party presidential ticket cannot win and would help Trump.”

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