Mother Of Elon Musk Furious At Biden

Maye Musk — the mother of billionaire SpaceX founder Elon Musk — said Wednesday that she is furious with President Joe Biden as the FCC blocks a Starlink contract to provide Internet to rural areas.

“Have you any idea how furious I am? People in other countries are proud of Elon and do not understand the US President’s motive. Please telTl me how I should answer them,” the 75-year-old mother of Elon Musk wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. She added that Musk’s goal is to “make the world a better place,” while Biden “wants to stop him.”

The Musk matriarch posted her criticism soon after the Federal Communications Commission blocked nearly $900 million in subsidies to SpaceX for a Starlink satellite Internet project. The FCC first denied the subsidy in 2022 after receiving speed test data from the project to supply high speed Internet to 640,000 rural homes and businesses in the United States.

Musk left her remarks on a repost of comments by Brendan Carr, one of the two Republican members of the five-member FCC panel who dissented from the decision to block the funds. Carr criticized President Biden in the X post thread for singling out Elon Musk for “a pattern of regulatory harassment.”

“[The Starlink decision] cannot be explained by an objective application of law, facts, or policy,” Carr wrote. “[The] FCC revokes Starlink’s $885 million award by making up an entirely new standard of review that no entity could ever pass and then applying that novel standard to only one entity: Starlink,” he added.

Democrat-appointed chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel currently heads the FCC. Carr suggested in his postings that the agency denied Starlink the subsidies for political reasons based on the anger of the Biden White House toward SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

The billionaire tech industry titan has clashed with the administration since Biden took office in 2021. Musk has accused President Biden of obstructing Tesla in its development of electric vehicles. He has also referred to the Democrat president as a “damp sock puppet.”

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