Mayor Adams: Migrants Fuel NYC Red Light District Boom

The fruits of President Joe Biden’s open borders continue to be harvested in New York City, where there is now a surge in prostitution. Democratic Mayor Eric Adams was forced to acknowledge that the proliferation of streetwalkers in Queens came from migrants.

The Corona district is flooded with illegal arrivals from Venezuela, and many of the women are now on the streets.

Adams observed that “illegal” activity was spreading and noted it was simply “one example” of how the border crisis is devastating his city. He said the failure of Washington to control the migrant situation will result in “generational problems.”

The mayor said there is an “atmosphere that people can’t provide for themselves.” That is why there is a widespread surge in illegal activities in the nation’s largest city.

Unfortunately, Adams is a Democrat. Being such, he believes that the solution is dumping tens of billions of dollars into city coffers to offer free services for waves that continue pouring across the border.

He and his allies never consider that effectively closing the border would be far less expensive, both financially and socially. 

Another area cited by Adams as struggling with soaring prostitution is East New York, Brooklyn. This growing red-light district now features illicit activity that is “overt during the day,” according to the mayor.

Besides ripping apart the city’s social fabric, how much is Biden’s lax border protection costing New Yorkers? The latest numbers from Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul are staggering.

The state announced Monday that the price tag had reached almost $2 billion. A full $1.5 billion went to the Big Apple to assist the city in providing for an estimated 110,000 illegal migrants who poured into the city.

Hochul said that the state is footing the bill for nearly half of the housing costs. With case management, legal services and employment infrastructure, “we’re approaching $2 billion already this year.”

The original estimate was for $1 billion, but the state nearly doubled that total with two months left in 2023. And despite desperate pleas to Washington for financial relief, New York Democrats were almost completely abandoned to fend for themselves.

Make no mistake, these are self-inflicted wounds. From Biden’s treasonous open border to New York’s foolish “sanctuary” declaration, leaders have only themselves to blame.

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