Hundreds Of Illegal Migrants Violently Storm Polish Border

Poland’s position as a stalwart defender of itself and all of Europe against militarized migration became more clear Wednesday. The nation’s forces withstood a “very aggressive” attack by hundreds of migrants armed with rocks and sticks attempting to breach its border with Belarus.


Video from the confrontation showed the mostly Middle Eastern migrants carrying ladders in an attempt to get over the border fence.


Security forces managed to repel the invasion, which many blame on authorities in Belarus. That country is believed to be weaponizing migrants and allowing them free passage through and on into Poland and Lithuania.



Polish Border Guard officials reported the attack began around 10 a.m. in a marshy area near the border. It is at the edge of the Bialowieza Forest, which is dense with growth but a regular passageway for migrants looking to invade Europe. 


The statement recounted that roughly 220 illegals “threw tree branches and stones at the Border Guard and Polish Army patrols to clear their way to Western Europe.


Weapons consisting of wood and nails were taken from the aggressors, who were forced to rush back further into Belarus.



Poland has repeatedly accused Belarus and Russia of “weaponizing” illegal migration and steering people to its borders to destabilize the region. Interior Minister Maciej Wasik detailed the ongoing effort to disrupt its border regions.


He told journalists, “We’re talking about an operation organized by the Russian and Belarusian secret services that is getting more and more intense.”

His admonition was echoed by Tomasz Praga, leader of the Polish Border Guard. He charged Belarusian officials are “a criminal group that is masterminding [the] illegal operation. Of course, they are making huge profits from it.”


Polish officials responded to the crisis they said was orchestrated by Belarus by establishing a no-access border zone. Thousands of troops were sent to the region and non-residents were prohibited.


This included migrants, aid workers and the media.


A steel wall was constructed in a contentious border area and laws were enacted to force illegal migrants to return to Belarus. The region experienced a dramatic surge in Middle Eastern refugees from just two years ago. 


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