Hollywood Hills Mansion Hijacked By Squatter

Reports published this weekend describe how a Los Angeles squatter seized control of a luxurious Hollywood Hills mansion, transforming it into a hub for adult-themed OnlyFans internet models. The incident has shed light on the problems faced by homeowners and real estate agents in even the most affluent areas of America’s Democrat-controlled cities.

Real estate professionals Emily Randall Smith and her husband encountered this unsettling situation firsthand. Upon arriving at the 7-bedroom property they were preparing to showcase in an open house, they discovered the lock box had been removed and an unauthorized mailbox installed. “Like that was very weird, that was not here before,” Randall Smith told local reporters.

Then, Randall Smith’s husband spotted an unknown individual sleeping inside the mansion. The couple’s attempt to remove the trespassers was blocked by local and state laws that generally favor even trespassers over legal property owners. 

Moreover, the intruder had not only taken over the residence but had also started renting out rooms to OnlyFans models, turning the once-pristine home into an internet studio for the generation of adult video content.

The scenario worsened when law enforcement arrived but could not immediately evict the squatter. It was only after the squatter vacated that the officers could intervene. They were greeted by a woman, later identified as one of the OnlyFans models, revealing the squatter’s operation of renting out spaces for content creation.

The Smiths later returned to a property marred by neglect and misconduct, with damages including severed security system cords, unauthorized Wi-Fi installations, and a house littered with animal waste. “There was poop and pee everywhere,” Emily Randall Smith lamented.

The police eventually escorted the unwelcome occupants out, but the damage had been done. Once valued at over $10 million, the mansion was left defiled.

The trend of squatting in luxury homes has escalated, fueled by California’s housing crisis and legal loopholes that make eviction processes arduous for landlords and realtors. Beyond the immediate property damage and legal challenges, there’s a growing sentiment of unease among homeowners and real estate professionals.  

Reports indicate that police did not arrest or criminally charge any of the trespassers or the evicted squatter.


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    Simple solution here. Don’t involve Police since gov gav’s laws are backwards. Just beat the living daylights out of the invader and toss it out with his trash.

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    February 27, 2024
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    This is total INSANITY! Why would any decent person live in a “blue” state?

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