Haley Accuses Trump Of ‘Playing Politics’ With Border Deal

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley declared Sunday that former President Donald Trump is “absolutely playing politics” by standing against the Senate immigration scheme.

The former South Carolina governor was interviewed on CNN’s “State of the Union” by host Dana Bash.

The interviewer noted that Senate negotiators are set to release details of a proposed immigration deal. She added that Trump is urging GOP senators to reject it “because he wants to run on the issue in 2024 in this election year.”


After that loaded statement, Bash asked Haley, “Are you saying the former president is playing politics with the border?”

Haley at this point had the chance to plant her flag firmly in favor of securing the nation’s borders and stopping the massive invasion of illegal migrants. Instead, she did exactly what she accused Trump of doing — she played politics.

The former U.N. ambassador replied, “I think nobody should be playing politics with the border. He shouldn’t be getting involved telling Republicans to wait until the election is over because we don’t want this to help Biden win.” 


Haley made her dubious claim despite House Speaker Mike Johnson’s adamant denial that Trump is “calling those shots.”

Democrats and their mainstream media partners are blasting Trump for calling the plan a “horrible open borders betrayal of America.”

But Haley persisted. When Bash restated her question about Trump and politics, the former governor responded, “Of course he is. He is absolutely playing politics by telling them not to do anything.”

Haley added that negotiators need to “put a tough immigration law in place.”

What the GOP contender ignored is there are already laws on the books concerning migration that the Biden White House blatantly ignored. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas repeatedly claimed the border is “secure,” something that may yet lead to his impeachment.

Haley did not have a leg to stand on in this argument as she struggled to find anything to pin on the frontrunning Trump. The record-breaking numbers pouring across the border are by design, and it is foolish to believe Democrats will agree to any deal that would stem that tide.

After all, they are counting on this future voting bloc to maintain their power. 

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