Experts: Leticia James Faces Difficulties Seizing Trump’s Assets

The Democratic persecution of former President Donald Trump will hit high gear this week, but it will not be a cakewalk for the party. Experts believe that New York Attorney General Letitia James’ push to seize the 45th president’s properties is fraught with difficulties.

Monday was the deadline for the Republican presidential frontrunner to fork over an unprecedented $464 million bond. That bond was unexpectedly dropped, however, and the personal crisis for Trump may have been averted.

New York tax attorneys explained that the process is hardly one where a Democratic hack shows up and demands the card keys. Instead, it is a methodical and demanding process to wade through titles and ownership, mortgages on the properties and other claims.

Real estate attorney Adam Leitman Bailey explained, “Bonds people do not like to use the property as collateral because it’s hard to liquify the asset if there’s a default.”

James will encounter the same difficulty he said, and getting her hands on Trump’s possessions will mean “a lot of work.”

Her office is expected to send a letter of garnishment to every New York and U.S. bank demanding they freeze Trump’s accounts. They would be required to forward cash, bonds or other items contained in safe deposit boxes directly to her in New York.

In the midst of the current wave of Democratic persecutions came a bit of good news for the former president on Monday. An appeals court ruled that Trump must pay $175 million the next 10 days, not the $454 million demanded by the judge as a result of civil fraud allegations.

This decision came hours before the deadline, and Trump said he will “abide” by the new decision and post the bond. 

If the 45th president is able to post the new bond, it will inhibit the New York AG’s obvious desire to seize Trump’s assets as he pursues an appeal of Judge Authur Engoron’s controversial decision.

Trump took to his Truth Social platform Monday to blast Engoron and James. “Engoron has disrespected the Appellate Division and its very clear and concise ruling. He should be made to do so, and at the same time, release the GAG ORDER.”

The Republican frontrunner added that the credibility of both Engoron and James “has been shattered.” 


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