DeSantis Supporters Vow To Reject Trump Candidacy

With Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wise decision to drop his bid for the Republican nomination and throw his support behind former President Donald Trump, many expected his backers to follow his lead and unify the party.

While that’s the goal of the former candidate and most conservatives, some of his supporters would rather rehash ruffled feathers and continue the campaign rivalry.

Kudos to the man who many believed was best positioned to challenge Trump for the top of the 2024 presidential ticket. DeSantis saw the clear handwriting on the wall and urged his fans to follow his lead — and some promptly did.

Trump told Fox News in an interview that aired Monday that he will be the recipient of DeSantis’ voter support. He graciously complimented the Florida governor, noting “he fought hard.” 

DeSantis supporter and influencer Bill Mitchell believes that hurt feelings should be put aside for the good of the country as well as the Republican Party. But that sentiment is hardly shared by many in the Florida governor’s camp.

Attorney Jenna Ellis took to X, formerly Twitter, to complain about being asked to support Trump. “It’s ‘Gov. Ron DeSantis’ now, is it? No more Rob DeSanctimonious? We’re all just supposed to forget? They think so. I don’t.”

DeSantis advisor Robert Salvador declared “we are not uniting behind Trump” before listing several grudges he holds against the 45th president.

Influencer Chris Nelson launched an expletive at Trump along with the hashtag #NeverUnite. He retweeted assurances from several people claiming they will not shift their support to the former president.

Meghan Maureen asserted “I will not vote for Trump. I will not vote for Biden. Those on the right will say that’s a vote for Biden. I say having Trump as the nominee already solidified Biden’s win.”

DeSantis supporter and influencer Pedro Gonzalez followed the pattern of bitterly lashing out at the Trump camp.

He charged “the people who spent the primary doxing DeSantis supporters, attacking our wives, kids, parents, trying to get us fired and make us unemployable, want to pretend none of that ever happened. It’s not going to happen.”

For the record, Breitbart News exclusively revealed last summer that the rising influencer often wrote blatantly racist and antisemitic private messages in 2019 and 2020.

Gonzalez claimed the revelations were merely a Trump smear campaign against him.

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