Denver Mom Recovers Own Stolen Car After 911 Snub

A Denver mom this week discovered her car stolen and called 911 — only to be told that there was no one available to assist her. So, she handled her dire situation personally, tracked down the missing vehicle and recovered it herself.

Holly Kaufman got the surprising response from emergency services that the city had no one to assist her. That’s when she decided to use Mazda’s mobile app to locate her stolen red SUV.

The app enables the owner to remotely turn off the vehicle’s engine and activate its alarms. Kaufman did both.

The dispatcher warned the Denver mom against attempting to recover her car, but to no avail. Kaufman was previously the victim of a car theft and was determined not to relive that experience.

She recalled, “In the past, I’ve had a vehicle stolen and they rip out your whole car, tear everything up, try to live in it and put drugs in it.”

The 911 operator reportedly told her that she was going to put herself in danger. The intended victim merely responded, “Ok, this is the address I’m going to be at. I’m going to be there in five minutes and you can either meet me or I’ll be getting my car.”

Kaufman explained that she is a working mother struggling to make car payments. “This is the car that I carry my four-year-old son in, so I’m like, ‘this is not happening in my car.’”

The app’s tracking feature led Kaufman straight to her vehicle, which was in a Safeway parking lot. The mom was lucky to have an acquaintance nearby who was able to drive her to the location.

She was also fortunate to find her car in reasonably good condition after being gone for approximately 15 minutes. There were some unexpected discoveries, however, when she opened the door.

Kaufman saw beer on her passenger seat as well as a pipe. There were also return receipts from Target in her vehicle.

The intended victim told reporters she did not recommend that everyone takes the course of action she chose. She said, however, that “at some point, something needs to change.”

Kaufman described her frame of mind upon discovering her vehicle was taken. “I just feel super violated, and at that point in time, there is nothing that was going to change my mind, I was getting my car, I knew they didn’t have time, so I just got it myself.”

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