Conservative Texas Once Again Leads Nation In Job Growth

The Texas job market is exploding, and this is far from a new trend. The U.S. Department of Labor’s statistics once again showed the Lone Star State leads the country in creating new jobs as March marked the 36th consecutive month of employment growth.

The labor market set another new record for expansion and total number of Texans employed. March also saw the highest ever tally of jobs and the most powerful civilian labor force in the conservative state.

There are many good reasons why industry is not thriving in California, New York and Illinois.

Texas now boasts a staggering new record of 14,115,700 jobs. March’s seasonally adjusted total of nonfarm jobs increased by over 19,100.

The state enjoyed job growth, even in Joe Biden’s economy, in 45 of the last 47 months. According to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), total nonfarm employment expanded by 270,700 positions from March 2023 to March 2024.

Understandably, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is pleased with the state’s performance under his conservative leadership.

Abbott declared, “this continued momentum is a testament to the strength of our young, skilled, diverse and growing workforce, our welcoming business climate and the strategic investments we continue to make in education, workforce development and critical infrastructure.” 

Job growth reflects the strength of the Texas economy under conservative Republican leadership. Real gross domestic product expanded at a robust annual rate of 5% in 2023’s fourth quarter, far outpacing U.S. GDP increases.

And that trend held up for the sixth consecutive quarter.

TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Alberto Trevino III hailed the success of his state. “Continued job growth has strengthened Texas’ reputation as the best state to work and do business.”

The agency’s Commissioner Representing Employers, Joe Esparza, agreed. “Texas continues to attract employers on a global scale because of our unique business climate, skilled workforce and strong community partnerships.”

The performance sharply contrasts with leftist strongholds burdening businesses with excessive taxes and overbearing unions. It also sends a strong signal to the rest of the nation on how to build a powerful economy through allowing the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive.


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