China Aggressively Invades Taiwan’s Airspace And Waters


Even as Chinese communists attempt to put on a peaceful front to the world, its military continues to beat the drums of war with the democratic island nation of Taiwan.

The Taiwan Ministry of National Defense reported that 43 planes and seven ships approached the nation’s side of the strait. It said that the ships and 37 of the planes entered Taiwan’s territory without provocation.

Taipei responded by sending its own naval and air forces to counter the overt Chinese aggression.


It is now an alarmingly common occurrence for China’s military to encroach on Taiwan’s sovereignty. These flagrantly illegal practices carry with them the possibility of an encounter developing into a hostile situation in the Taiwan Strait. 

Taiwan was established by the Chinese government that fled victorious communist revolutionaries in 1949. 

Both Taipei and Beijing declare themselves to be the legitimate rulers of one China, though the international community generally recognizes the mainland’s supremacy.


Several excursions into Taiwan’s airspace in recent months have been reported. These lead to Taipei activating its defense systems and heightening tensions in an already troubled corner of the globe. 

When confronted, Chinese officials either fall back on rhetoric that Taiwan is merely a breakaway republic or claim to be only conducting “long distance navigation training.”

The U.S. has acknowledged the “One China” policy while at the same time serving as Taiwan’s primary ally. Recent saber rattling by Beijing led many observers to worry that the mainland is preparing for an outright invasion of the island nation.

This has the potential to directly draw the U.S. into an armed conflict with its primary global rival. By law, Washington is committed to support Taiwan’s military, though that does not extend to direct military engagement.

Despite these conflicts, the White House recently announced that President Joe Biden will meet with China’s Xi Jinping later this month. According to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “It’s going to be in San Francisco, it’s going to be a constructive meeting.”

She added, “the president is looking forward to it.” There’s no word if the Democrat will directly address aggression toward Taiwan or China’s abysmal human rights record.

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