Biden Shirks Inflation Responsibility, Blames US Companies For Inflation

President Joe Biden is nothing if not consistent in deflecting blame away from his administration’s failed policies, especially on the dire issue of inflation. Now his aides went a step further, targeting U.S. businesses for being victimized by his economy.

According to the White House National Economic Council, the buck does not stop at the top. Instead, Director Lael Brainard said American companies are gouging consumers.

But the people are not fooled, creating a nightmare scenario for the Democratic president. After all, what chance does Biden have when his economic record is so laughable?

Even NPR had to address the elephant in the room. Co-host Ari Shapiro told Brainard that voters are displeased with Biden’s economy in general and inflation in particular.

He added, “This has been the case for almost every month of Biden’s time in office. How do you account for this disconnect?”

Brainard immediately launched into defending the Democratic president and explained that he just doesn’t get enough credit. After all, he said the jobs picture is “very bright” and the cost for insulin for seniors has been brought under control.

Shapiro persisted, however, noting the insulin example hardly covers the majority of Americans.

But Biden apologists are out there for a reason, and Brainard stuck to his tale. “It’s also really important, now that we have fixed supply chains and input costs are coming down, corporations need to be passing those savings on to consumers.”

He expressed his belief that this action by businesses would go far in building consumer confidence. 

A recent CNN poll revealed the depths to which Biden has sunk in the minds of voters. His approval rating is now cratered at 37% after being 45% at the start of 2023. 

And a scant 30% of likely voters believe that the president and his Democratic allies are aligned with their economic needs. So while the White House is out there desperately attempting to prop up his record on the nation’s finances, the public is not buying it.

A staggering 71% of the people believe American economic conditions are “poor,” while 38% say they are “very poor.” 

Biden’s mouthpieces may cherry-pick this or that statistic to try and mislead the nation, but his record speaks for itself every time everyday voters go to the grocery store, pay their rent or mortgage, or pump gas. Unfortunately for Democrats, the people believe their own eyes.

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