Biden’s Plot To Seize US Bank Accounts

Andrew Zatlin, a top economist, has claimed to have uncovered the identity of President Joe Biden’s “puppet master.” Zatlin, who is known for his accurate economic predictions and independent research, alleges that Biden and his advisors plan to use a fake climate crisis to gain complete control over how people spend their money. 

The plot includes the use of a digital dollar, which could allow the government to restrict certain purchases under certain circumstances. For example, they could use the digital dollar to prevent individuals from buying airplane tickets if they are deemed “big polluters,” or limit the purchase of red meat to reduce the environmental impact of animal farming.

The potential for government abuse in a digital dollar economic environment is alarming, as it could give the government complete control over every aspect of an individual’s life. This power can be used to restrict purchases of certain books or products, dictate what type of car people can drive, and even limit access to social security benefits.

Zatlin has provided a five-step blueprint on how to legally and ethically “opt out” of this scheme.

However, the digital dollar ploy is already in motion, with a pilot program launched to give the government control over people’s money. If the digital dollar becomes fully implemented, people could potentially lose access to their bank accounts, credit cards, stocks, and retirement.

The government could also use the digital dollar to restrict people’s access to certain websites or social media platforms, based on their political views. This could be particularly concerning for those who support conservative or libertarian causes, as they may be labeled as “dangerous” or “extremist” by the government and denied access to their own money. 

What are dangers of a digital dollar?

Despite the potential for abuse, the government is pushing ahead with plans for a digital dollar. The pilot program has already been launched, and it is only a matter of time before the switch is flipped, and the digital dollar becomes a reality.

While it may be more convenient, the potential risks far outweigh the rewards. 

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