Biden’s Last-Minute Border Security Executive Order Falters

President Joe Biden’s eleventh-hour attempt to secure the southern border ahead of the November election encountered setbacks on its first full day of implementation. The executive order, which aims to restrict access for asylum seekers, appeared to backfire as hundreds of illegal immigrants were seen entering the United States through gaps in the border wall along the San Diego corridor.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials told Fox News that nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended on Wednesday, not including those who evaded capture. CBP sources reported a daily addition of approximately 4,000 illegal migrants and 1,500 crossings at designated ports of entry.

Biden’s executive order, signed on Tuesday, would shut down the border if daily crossings exceeded 2,500 over a weeklong average, reopening only after a consistent reduction to 1,500 or fewer. The apparent failure of the order on its first day raises questions about the effectiveness of the administration’s last-minute efforts to address border security.

Recent polls indicate that immigration remains a top issue for most voters in the 2024 cycle, with border control garnering 16% among respondents asked about their top concern. The faltering start to Biden’s executive order may further fuel criticism of his administration’s handling of the ongoing border crisis.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin challenged Biden’s claim that all illegal aliens attempting to cross the border are asylum seekers, suggesting that the president’s characterization of the situation may not accurately reflect the reality on the ground.

As the November election approaches, the effectiveness of Biden’s last-minute executive order will likely remain under close scrutiny, with critics arguing that the administration’s efforts may be too little, too late to address the complex challenges at the southern border.


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