Biden Administration Requests Reversal Of Alexander Smirnov’s Bond 

One-time FBI informant Alexander Smirnov has made numerous headlines in recent days over allegations that he offered false testimony regarding President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals. 

Although a federal judge determined that Smirnov was eligible for release on bond provided he wears an electronic monitor, the Biden administration is now pushing back in an attempt to ensure he remains behind bars.

In a court document filed this week, prosecutors made their case directly to District Judge Otis D. Wright of California’s Central District.

“As discussed in more detail below, the nature and circumstances of the offense, weight of the evidence, and the fact that Smirnov’s ties to the community are weak establish that Smirnov should be detained.”

Despite the Biden administration’s clear and direct interest in the case, the Department of Justice nevertheless weighed in on the decision to grant Smirnov’s release. Specifically, the court document filed on Wednesday asserted that he planned to leave the U.S. for meetings with “multiple foreign intelligence agencies” and should therefore be considered a flight risk.

Furthermore, prosecutors alleged that Smirnov, who is an Israeli citizen, has access to millions of dollars that he failed to properly disclose.

“The fact that Smirnov misrepresented his assets alone should cause Smirnov to be detained because it shows that, at the first opportunity, he did not provide true and complete information to Pretrial Services,” the document claimed. “No condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the appearance of Smirnov as required.”

The allegedly false testimony in question reportedly involves the informant’s claim that Bursima, a Ukrainian energy company with ties to Hunter Biden, sent him and his father — who was vice president at the time — $5 million each around 2015. 

While the development stood to disrupt an ongoing congressional impeachment inquiry into the president’s potential involvement in his family’s business deals, House Republican leaders have asserted that there is plenty of additional information to support the probe.

“It is based on a large record of evidence, including bank records and witness testimony, revealing that Joe Biden knew of and participated in his family’s business dealings,” said House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY). “Just this week, he had another witness confirm Joe Bidfen was the brand being sold by the Bidens around the world.”

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