AOC’s Overrun District Blasted As ‘Third World’ Cesspool

In a development that should surprise no one, radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) New York City House district is now a third-world exhibition. Flea markets line the sidewalks and adult industry workers walk the streets in broad daylight.

Video produced by Fox News showed the Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst neighborhoods overrun by illegal migrants. Unkempt piles of clothes litter the walkways as swarms of those in the country illegally hawk their wares.

This sight is complemented by piles of trash sprawling on street corners. 

Resident Ramses Frias told the outlet that the situation is only getting worse. “We’ve become sort of this epicenter of crime…and illegal street vending. It’s taken over many streets.”

He explained that the neighborhood sees this troubling scene as a third-world setting. Clothes are stolen from donation bins or shoplifted and then hurled onto the roadways outside of legal businesses.

Frias complained that the illegal migrants occupying the city “take away trade from these businesses and don’t pay taxes.” 

For the record, Frias is a former Democrat who is now a Republican candidate for Assembly District 39. He pledged to clean up the area of illegal vendors hawking clothing, shoes and assorted food.

He explained to the outlet that it is a very common sight for adult workers to solicit men walking in the neighborhoods. This is illegal even in New York, but that does little to discourage the illicit trade.

It was just January when NYPD officers broke up a dozen brothels that purported to be massage parlors. Investigators described “inhumane conditions” that the mostly migrant workers suffered in.

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams had a ready excuse for the explosion of adult labor in AOC’s district. He credited the massive surge to female Venezuelan illegal migrants who are unable to find legitimate work in his city.

Despite the Big Apple’s so-called “sanctuary” status, Adams went on to blame the deplorable conditions on the lack of work permits for illegal aliens.

After the brothel takedown in January, Adams told the media, “This is what happens when you create an atmosphere that people cannot provide for themselves — you can’t work, you can’t provide for your job and have to turn to illegal activities to do so.” 

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