White House Denies Authenticity Of Videos Showing Biden’s Public Missteps

In a recent press conference, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed videos highlighting President Joe Biden’s public gaffes and awkward moments as “cheap fakes” produced and shared in “bad faith.” This assertion came after videos surfaced showing Biden appearing disoriented during public appearances, including one where former President Barack Obama guided him offstage.

Reporters questioned Jean-Pierre about whether the White House was concerned about Biden’s seemingly frequent mishaps. In response, Jean-Pierre firmly stated that these videos were manipulated and misrepresented. “They are done in bad faith,” she reiterated, emphasizing that the video with Obama was simply a moment between friends.

One of the videos in question showed Biden seemingly wandering away from a group of leaders in Europe before being redirected by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Jean-Pierre countered that such portrayals were misleading, stating that Biden was being criticized unfairly for actions like thanking troops in Normandy and Italy.

Jean-Pierre criticized the media for focusing on these incidents instead of Biden’s legislative achievements. She argued that the manipulated videos detract from discussing the president’s accomplishments and the benefits of his policies for Americans.

Biden’s health has been a topic of scrutiny. According to his physician, Kevin O’Connor, Biden suffers from atrial fibrillation, peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and hyperlipidemia. These conditions, along with his age, might contribute to his physical challenges, such as tripping or stumbling.

To mitigate these issues, Biden has adopted a strategy of walking with aides and using shorter steps to board Air Force One, aiming to draw less attention to his physical condition. Additionally, he wears specially crafted sports shoes instead of traditional dress shoes to aid his mobility.

Polling indicates significant public concern about Biden’s ability to lead. A Harvard/Harris survey found that about one-third of Democrats question his mental fitness, while a Quinnipiac poll revealed that only one-third of voters believe he is physically or mentally fit for a second term. Moreover, 82% of Americans express concerns about his physical and mental health.

As the White House continues to defend Biden’s capabilities, the debate over his fitness for office remains a prominent issue in the public discourse, especially as the 2024 election approaches.


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    June 27, 2024

    the whitehouse can Deny what they want,…. some of us have watched his speeches where he suddenly goes into mumbling gibberish, and there is NO faking that,…. HE FALLS UP STAIRS ON A REGULAR BASIS,…. the old boy had a brain fart and the WHOLE World saw,…. but that is the least of his worries, he has let in 10 million illegals that the American People are having to pay for,…. he has trashed the economy and the American People are having to pay for that, he has encouraged foreign wars and gave our money for those as well,…. he is supporting Terrorism in Iran And Gaza, and using taxpayer monies for those as well,….Everyone seems to forget the GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY, THEY GET IT FROM US,…. EVERY SINGLE PENNY, I am going to watch the Debate’s Simply to see if he can stand-up for the Duration, and if he can Speak Something besides Gibberish,

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