Trump Reveals He Has Chosen A Running Mate For 2024

In a recent revelation, former President Donald Trump announced that he has selected his running mate for the upcoming 2024 election. However, Trump stated that his chosen candidate remains unaware of their selection, as does everyone else.

NBC host Kaitlan Collins shared that Trump, when asked in Philadelphia if he had picked a running mate, responded, “In my mind, yeah.” When further queried if the chosen VP knows of their selection, Trump replied, “No, nobody knows.”

Speculation about Trump’s potential running mate has been rife for months, with names such as North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), Sen. JD Vance (R-OH), and Tulsi Gabbard frequently mentioned.

During a rally at Temple University in Philadelphia, Trump criticized President Biden’s performance on issues like crime and illegal immigration. He also addressed concerns about George Soros funding left-wing district attorneys, leading to lenient crime policies.

The rally saw Trump receiving enthusiastic applause from attendees, many of whom held up photos of his Fulton County jail mugshot with the tagline, “Never Surrender.” Philadelphia, like other cities Trump has visited recently, is traditionally a Democrat stronghold, with recent stops including Detroit and the Bronx.

It seems that whoever Trump picks, there will be a segment of the conservative voter base who will be disappointed. But as long as Donald Trump is on the ticket, there be a lot of enthusiasm this summer leading into what most agree is the most important and defining elections in American history.

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