JD Vance: Democrats Undermining Democracy By Considering Biden Replacement

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) has condemned the Democratic Party for considering replacing President Joe Biden as their nominee following his poor debate performance. Vance, speaking from the Spin Room after the debate, argued that such a move would be a betrayal of the democratic process and the voters who participated in the primaries.

Vance, who has been mentioned as a possible vice-presidential pick for Donald Trump, criticized the Democrats for even contemplating the removal of Biden after his dismal showing. He called it ironic that a party that has long accused Republicans of being threats to democracy would now consider sidelining their own candidate. “It would be a massive affront to American democracy for them to have effectively given Democratic primary voters one choice for the entire primary process, and then now that he’s had a disastrous debate performance, try to pull him,” Vance said.

The senator argued that the Democratic primary voters were promised a candidate, and to replace Biden now would be fundamentally undemocratic. Vance predicted that Thursday’s debate has cemented the choices for voters, drawing a clear line between Trump and Biden.

In his remarks, Vance noted that the debate underscored Biden’s weaknesses and insisted that the Democrats are bound to stick with him. He posed the choice facing Americans: “Do you want a high-energy, high-compassion individual to be the next president, or do you want to give Joe Biden another four years?”

Newsmax host Rob Schmitt supported Vance’s view, highlighting the irony of the Democratic Party potentially overriding the will of the voters. “Isn’t that interesting, though, the idea that the delegates would be making the decision on the candidate — they would have taken it away from the voters, and all they talk about is Democracy,” Schmitt remarked, with Vance nodding in agreement.

Vance’s statements highlight a significant concern among conservatives regarding the Democratic Party’s approach to the upcoming election. As the Democratic National Convention draws near, the debate over Biden’s suitability as the nominee is expected to become more intense, potentially reshaping the political landscape ahead of November.

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