ISIS-Linked Smuggling Network Brings Over 400 Illegal Aliens Into US

A report by NBC News reveals that more than 400 illegal aliens have been smuggled into the United States through a network affiliated with ISIS under President Joe Biden’s administration. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has identified these individuals, thanks to intelligence on the smuggling network.

Out of the 400 illegal entrants, 150 have been apprehended, but federal officials are still searching for over 50 individuals whose current locations are unknown. The remaining illegal aliens are scattered across 17 states, with authorities planning their arrests.

The Biden administration has taken credit for the identification and pursuit of these individuals, citing efforts made out of “an abundance of caution.” These illegal aliens crossed the southern border amidst the national security and immigration issues linked to Biden’s border policies.

These individuals were initially released into the U.S. because there was no immediate evidence connecting them to terrorism at the time of their encounter with U.S. Border Patrol. Former FBI counterterrorism section chief Christopher O’Leary emphasized the urgency of finding these individuals, highlighting the practice of using immigration charges to detain suspected terrorists.

Illegal aliens from countries where ISIS operates rarely have information in any databases connecting them to terrorism. These countries often lack the infrastructure to track terrorist suspects or are unwilling to share such information with the United States.

Earlier this month, eight ISIS terrorist suspects were arrested in multiple U.S. cities after illegally entering through the southern border, further underscoring the security challenges at the border. The situation underscores the complexities and dangers associated with border security and the importance of vigilant tracking and apprehension of individuals linked to terrorist networks.

The report has amplified concerns over the Biden administration’s handling of border security and the potential national security risks posed by inadequate vetting processes.


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