Doug Burgum Calls On CNN To Probe Biden On Hunter’s Laptop Claims

Gov. Doug Burgum (R) of North Dakota has urged CNN to scrutinize President Joe Biden over his past assertions about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the highly-anticipated presidential debate this week. This plea comes as Burgum, a potential vice-presidential contender for Donald Trump, spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Kaitlan Collins.

In the interview, Burgum noted the significance of addressing Biden’s statements from the 2020 election, where he labeled the laptop controversy as “Russian disinformation.” This laptop later became crucial evidence in Hunter Biden’s criminal case, resulting in his conviction on several weapons charges.

“CNN has a real chance to ask tough questions,” Burgum said. “During the last debate before the election four years ago, Biden dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop as a smear campaign and Russian disinformation, calling it garbage. Now, it’s clear that was not the case.”

Burgum stressed the need for transparency and rigorous questioning from the media. “This is an opportunity for America to get answers. CNN can ask tough questions of both candidates,” he stated.

Kaitlan Collins responded by promising “tough questions for everybody” at the debate, ensuring a thorough and fair examination of the candidates.

As the debate approaches, Burgum’s challenge to CNN underscores the ongoing political tensions and the demand for accountability on controversial issues from past elections.


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    June 24, 2024

    That’s not how it works, they cover for biden and all dems, All the msm outlets are biased no coverage on any biden crimes and haven’t heard much about NJ gold bar bob menendez and so mmany others. it’s as if they have no journalist at all.

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